About James

James Rolls is a 25-year-old internet personality best known for producing Let’s Play content on the video-sharing platform YouTube under the username “TheJamesRolls”.

James started producing content on YouTube in 2009 for different purposes than you see today, doing commentary/review type shows for professional wrestling, most notably WWE.

Following the suggestion by his cousin Kyle on watching popular YouTube Let’s Player “Chuggaaconroy”, James fell in love with the idea of sitting down to play a video game and provide commentary over the current gameplay/previous experiences with a title.

In 2010, James ditched the wrestling review concept and went on to test drive the LP format, playing one of his favorite video game franchises of all-time, Pokémon as well as uploading episodes of the Black & White anime which was currently running at the time.

However, in 2011, James finally found his stride and began doing Let’s Play content frequently from November into the present. While James has deleted most of his older videos due to their unprofessional nature, he still looks fondly on them as stepping stones to who he has become today.

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