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SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

SteamWorld Dig 2 is a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig and the experiences you'll find in this adventure are just as exciting and challenging as its predecessor. The music perfectly goes along with the environments you'll encounter along the way, but be careful, you may stray from your adjectives…

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Premium Content Plans

Don't let the title of this freak you out, I'll always be creating free content for Vidme and YouTube, but with the recent advertising developments on YouTube's end I figured I would give premium content a shot.

Premium content will be drastically different from free content. For starters, there …

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Change Has Happened... More To Come

Welcome back to! I've been neglecting this website (a lot) and I figured with all new channel graphics being introduced very shortly it was about time I spruced up the website with a new look to go along with it!

As my Let's Play of Pokémon White is coming to a close, I figured …

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New Bonus Channel Content


Today, I am announcing a new series that will be coming soon to the bonus channel, known as TJRBonus, in the near future. It will be known as “Throwback” and will feature memorable moments from past series I have done on the main channel.

“Throwback” will…

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New Side Series Coming Soon


Today, I am here to announce a new side series that will be coming to the YouTube channel this summer known as “Free Play”. This new series will be a companion to the already 35+ episode series known as “Demo Showcase”, which features Demo versions of games coming…

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A New Adventure Awaits

Long time no blog, eh? I've been focusing on recording videos so much that I've neglected this website for a few weeks, but now that I've finished recording the main story of Pokémon Platinum, I figured I would post this blog now.

I will be announcing the next major Let's Play during the April …

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2016 Let's Play Plans

I wanted to post a blog about my plans for Let's Plays during 2016 when I had the free time. I didn't think it would be today, as my plan was to record an episode of Pokémon Platinum for when content returns on my YouTube channel on March 7th.

However, as fate would have it, I'm a complete jinx

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Thoughts on Pokémon Sun/Moon

I figured I'd spend this evening blogging about my thoughts on the seemingly 7th generation of the Pokémon franchise that were revealed on the 20th anniversary of Red and Green's release in Japan. These new games are to be called Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

We didn't get a full blown trailer…

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What To Expect On

The past 24 hours have been absolutely crazy in an attempt to get everything together, but I just wanted to quickly provide a blog telling you what you can expect on the website in the future.

I'm currently in the process of creating "thumbnails" to display on the Projects tab that will link to…

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Introducing "First Look" is launching strong with a new feature where the viewers can get a first look (as the name implies) of something James is currently working on.

Take the first look at a new series coming soon to James' main gaming channel by visiting our First Look page.

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Welcome to!

Hey there. If you've come across this post, you get a virtual cookie! This post is apart of current testing to get the site fully functional as soon as possible.

More details soon on what you can expect from the official hub for all things TheJamesRolls!

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