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2016 Let's Play Plans

I wanted to post a blog about my plans for Let's Plays during 2016 when I had the free time. I didn't think it would be today, as my plan was to record an episode of Pokémon Platinum for when content returns on my YouTube channel on March 7th.

However, as fate would have it, I'm a complete jinx and I ended up waking up this morning with a stuffy nose and mildly upset stomach. So here I am now, writing this blog about my plans throughout the year in terms of Let's Plays. Keep in mind that these could change between now and their respective dated slots.

Currently ongoing is Platinum, which I projected would end in April going into posting the videos. I'm 2 episodes away from getting the 6th Gym badge and then some major story occurs before getting to the 7th and 8th badges and of course we'll ultimately finish our journey with taking on the Pokémon League.

After Platinum is finished, we'll be taking a journey back to Hyrule with my first The Legend of Zelda Let's Play in 3 years (TO THE EXACT MONTH!). I have 2 different games in mind, but haven't decided yet on which it will be. Probably should get on that, huh?

I don't have an exact projected end date for said Zelda project, but I'll go ahead and give myself 3 months. So, around June/July will be the 3rd Let's Play of the year and I do know what it's going to be. All I'll share for now is that it's a game playable on the Wii U.

After that, around September/October, will be my first replay of a game that's currently among the Retro Let's Play Collection. Can you guess the correct game it'll turn out to be? So many choices to choose from...

To round it all off, around November/December, will be the final Let's Play of the year. It's one of my favorite games of all-time and I've been wanting to play it for you since I got my first capture card.

And last but not least, I wanted to mention spontaneous content that will start to be posted at random times this year, mostly in between the major projects. Given my current sickness, which I doubt will allow me to record Platinum in bulk before March 7th, you'll be seeing the first of these types of videos with Mario Party DS's Wiggler Garden. The 4 other boards will be seen throughout the rest of the year.

That's all for now. I'm going to go back to watching YouTube videos and attempt at getting better with good rest this evening. At least I hope so, given I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Maybe I'll rewatch the entirety of Fuller House tonight also on Netflix. Oh, or become 7 years old again with Pokémon Yellow via the 3DS Virtual Console. SO MANY CHOICES!

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