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A New Adventure Awaits

March 24, 2016

Long time no blog, eh? I've been focusing on recording videos so much that I've neglected this website for a few weeks, but now that I've finished recording the main story of Pokémon Platinum, I figured I would post this blog now.

I will be announcing the next major Let's Play during the April Update video on my YouTube channel which goes up on the 1st. I've stated previously the title is from The Legend of Zelda franchise. It's been a long time coming and I'm super excited to record more episodes (I've done 3 as of this post).

What I will share right now is that the series will begin on Monday, April 25th which is a month from right now. This series will be uploaded, for the most part, Monday through Friday unless I have a Demo Showcase prepared for Saturday in which case the series becomes Monday through Thursday for that week.

In addition to this new Let's Play, sporadic videos on Super Mario Maker will be posted. I don't have a set schedule for Mario Maker quite yet, but I have been thinking about it being on Mondays to replace the slot filled by the Let's Play projects, making the schedule look like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Let's Play


Super Mario Maker

Let's Play Let's Play Let's Play

Let's Play





Demo Showcase


Things can change between right now and the last bit of April, but we'll see. What is for certain is that Platinum will wrap up (for now) on April 15th and from the 17th to the 23rd, you will see the next board of Mario Party DS, Toadette's Music Room.

That's all for now. I promise the next blog won't take a month to come out!

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