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Change Has Happened... More To Come

Welcome back to! I've been neglecting this website (a lot) and I figured with all new channel graphics being introduced very shortly it was about time I spruced up the website with a new look to go along with it!

As my Let's Play of Pokémon White is coming to a close, I figured I would share some insight on changes coming to my videos in the next month or 2 as part of a soft reboot for my channels. For those that do read this post, I will also be uploading a video talking about these changes in a more TL;DR fashion (hopefully) before the next Let's Play is set to begin.

So first off, I will be doing a minor change on the upload time front. The "usual time" for uploads has been set at 5pm eastern for the last 2-3 years, with days of a double upload getting a 12pm and 8pm eastern time slot. I'm moving single day uploads to a new time of 4pm eastern and double upload days will have videos at 1pm and 6pm eastern. This will take effect with the next Let's Play.

Next, I will be changing up the intro to videos. Yes, really. The "hello everybody" intro has been around since pretty much the beginning and as I approach a new chapter of content creation in my 6th year doing so, I figured it was finally time to change the intro up, ever so slightly. The outro phrase is changing too, somewhat. If you've watched certain videos lately, you already know what both are. They will be used full time starting with the next Let's Play.

Ready for more change? Probably not, but I'm going to share anyway. When I played Yoshi's Island, I changed my microphone back to a headset after using a USB microphone since Super Mario 64. Well, I'm going back to the USB microphone and I'm even going to edit videos with my commentary track being not as loud. You're welcome, ears. This also will go into effect fully come the next Let's Play.

So I've been saying "next Let's Play" a lot throughout this entire blog. You might be saying to yourself, "well, what IS your next Let's Play James?" The answer to that is simple… Check the tab above (or below on mobile maybe I don't know what that's like) called "Let's Plays" and your answer awaits because it's a game related to one I've already done.

Am I evil for that clue? Yes and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for reading this important update blog on the upcoming changes to the channels. I promise it won't take 10 months to post another blog. Until the next one, catch ya later!

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