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Premium Content Plans

Don't let the title of this freak you out, I'll always be creating free content for Vidme and YouTube, but with the recent advertising developments on YouTube's end I figured I would give premium content a shot.

Premium content will be drastically different from free content. For starters, there is going to be a base price of $0.99 per video on YouTube. I'll only be offering that price to countries that watch my content the most based of analytics and whatever conversion rates there are for outside the United States. If you want to watch on Vidme, those will be included with a flat out $1 subscription.

Secondly, premium videos will go mostly unedited. I'll do the usual stuff to make the video and commentary look and sound as best they can with my current equipment, but otherwise the videos will be as straight-forward as possible. Also, the arrange of content will be outside my usual zone. For example, I wouldn't present a Pokémon Randomizer Nuzlocke as a normal Let's Play, but premium is a whole other story.

Speaking of which, the very first premium series I will be doing will be a Pokémon Randomizer Nuzlocke. The game of choice is Pokémon FireRed and it will start very soon. Now back to the differences between free and premium. The only real other change I can think of off the top of my head is that I'll probably be swearing a lot in the premium videos. I try to be as PG as possible in the free content, but I do slip up from time to time.

Anyway, here's a TL;DR of what is happening before I end the blog:

Vidme premium content: $1 subscription to the entire channel (the best offer)

YouTube premium content: $0.99 per video (conversion rates will apply for outside the US)

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