Let's Talk About That ACNL Finale

First, I highly recommend you watch the finale before reading any further:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is finally over after one full year worth of videos, whether it be a weekday update or a holiday update. It feels very weird and satisfying all at the same time, given this was technically a re-do of a previous ACNL Let’s Play. I’ve had a few ideas about how I wanted to end the series with the unofficial Founder’s Day event and I figured the main one that should go through was coming full circle on a gag that started with Day 8, my hate for the villager known as Clay…

What started out as a joke when Clay was blocked out of view from a ceremony for a Public Works Project one time ended up becoming a meme around my channel and amongst my peers. They made up countless stories about how Clay was going to take over the town, so I went along with how “evil” he was and a few days after he initially moved away around the Toy Day event, I decided Clay would return to Pamoja as a fitting way to end the series (until the Leap Day bonus video in 2020, yes, that will happen).

After making that decision, I had to fight back the urge to spoil to others how he would be returning to town at the conclusion of the series by saying how he was “never coming back”. It was one of those obvious twists you would see in some thriller movie or TV show that was set up long before it happened. And for the record, I did use an amiibo card instead of trying to bank on the 16 villager cycle method which was common before amiibo even became a thing.

So, there you have it. A brief look into my thought process regarding the finale to New Leaf!

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