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Onward to 2022

Well, here we are again. It’s a brand new year which means a brand new and probably the only blog post on this website for said year! 2021 was a really rough year in terms of Let’s Plays, not because it was hard to plan them, but because I ended up not having much time to record them due to changes in my personal life.

In June I started my job. I tend to work 4-6 days a week depending on demand. I work late night into early morning (anywhere from 8-11pm until 2-4am), so I usually end up sleeping throughout the day, which means I have little time to record anything even when I am awake. I’m still trying to find a balance between work and… work, in a sense. I hope this year will be when I nail it down.

As for what ended up happening last year, the conclusion of Kirby’s Epic Yarn happened and then was followed up by full playthroughs of Pikmin, Pokémon Snap and New Super Mario Bros. 2 which are games I’ve been dying to play on the channel for years (especially in the case of Pikmin).

Donkey Kong Country Returns began last year albeit MUCH later than I had hoped (the original plan was late August instead of November), but as I mentioned, my job has made things somewhat difficult. I hope it will conclude sometime before March, but right now things are out of my control so I will take things as they come.

2021 was a pretty big year for collab projects though, especially since I attended my first convention in PAX West! It was great hanging out with my friends and recording stuff in person and I hope to be able to do it again this year.

Things that I had hoped to achieve last year that didn’t really happen were being able to stream more and continuing to produce videos for Demo Showcase and Free Play. Maybe this year will be different? Anywho, I guess I should wrap this up and leave you with hints for what may occur for Let’s Plays during this next year… If you have an idea of what these may be, tweet me @TheJamesRolls

• A series not yet played before

• A long overdue follow-up

• A fresh start in a new place

• Something familiar but different

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