Behind The Let's Play (March/April 2019)

I seem to neglect this blog a lot because I usually never have anything to say that I wouldn't on Twitter, but I want to give you a few behind-the-scenes tidbits about some recent projects and those coming up, some of which I've publicly stated and others I haven't before! Presenting…Behind The Let's Play!



I'm sure I'm not the only content creator that would tell you they regret their early work, hence why mine were deleted a few years ago and honestly, I regret that more than deleting them in the first place because if I had kept my original 2011 works up, I would always have a reminder how far I've come in editing and commentary styles since those are always evolving.


I originally had intended to do all 3 games again in 3 separate Let's Plays for 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively, but I honestly didn't think I could wait until 2021 at the earliest to do a Let's Play for Donkey Kong Country Returns and thus presenting them all in 1 series was born. Plus, I would probably never have the opportunity to make this type of hybrid series again, so that helped too!


I feel really bad about this one in particular because it most likely will never be truly complete, but I had the ability to at least show off 3 more minigames thanks to being able to play them in single player in some way, so I decided last summer to bring back Nintendo Land for a short run. At the time of this being published, I'm a single video away from completing Metroid and Pikmin, with 2 more videos for Zelda's minigame.


I've already mentioned and have shown off both version of the game, but I wasn't always going to do this. It was pretty much a last minute decision. I figured while planning out early videos that it would be fun to show both games since I personally have never done that before and I had thought about it once when re-playing both games in Generation 5. I figured I would finally show off both versions starting with X/Y because the series evolved from sprites to models, so why shouldn't the Let's Plays evolve too?


An upcoming series on the channel has been categorized into several "phases" as if it were the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are many things going into this series that I have never done before. I'm hopeful it will come to fruition this year, so stay tuned for more information!


And that's it for the first installment of Behind The Let's Play! I'm not sure exactly how often this will happen, considering most behind-the-scenes stuff has either been forgotten thanks to my crappy memory, but I do hope to do this at least twice a year!

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