Splatoon 2: How It Happened

As of the time this is being published, my Let's Play for Splatoon 2 has been revealed. I'm not going to sit here and say I wanted to Let's Play this game since it was released 2 years ago, cause at the time I had finished my LP of the original Splatoon just short of a year earlier and quite frankly, I didn't like how I structured said series (shoving the multiplayer content into singular, sped up videos after the single-player content).

I decided to Let's Play this game nearly a year after its release, just before the Octo Expansion DLC was revealed (much to my delight, yet frustration). My plan at the time was for this series to start in the fall of 2018… and then I had this feeling of regret even thinking of starting Splatoon 2 with this new content out and at the time regular game updates with new gear and stages were happening too, so I decided to shelve it for a few months so I could do New Super Mario Bros. and BYE-BYE BOXBOY! first.

Around the middle of December, I had purchased and imported the Splatoon 2 Artbook from Japan since it contains a bunch of information that would be ripe to share throughout a Let's Play. Of course, a few months later an English translated version was announced for later in 2019, but I had already delayed Splatoon 2 enough that I didn't want to wait a year when rough translations of the Japanese artbook are available in places anyway.

I had decided before the first episode of BYE-BYE BOXBOY! even became public that I was going to do Splatoon 2 next, but then I figured I could tie-in the end of Splatfests in the game with the end of my Let's Play, so I bumped Splatoon 2, again, in favor of doing a game I wasn't planning on doing until later this year… Pokémon X/Y.

My decision could not have gone better than it did, because X/Y took a little longer than I had thought when I laid out the general idea for this year's content back in the summer of 2018 (it was listed as starting in November and lasting until January of 2020, over a month less than it actually lasted). And once all the pieces fit together with X/Y ending in late May and starting Splatoon 2 about a week later, everything fit like a glove to make this work with a tie-in to end when the final Splatfest occurs in July.

And that, is how Splatoon 2 happened.

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